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We revitalize brands with enhanced customer interactions.

We're a global team of strategists, marketers, and brand developers crafting distinguished brands and top-notch customer experiences that engage users across the globe.

Our cohesive strategy guarantees expandability and uniformity across every brand interaction, accomplished by constructing compelling marketing procedures that we implement directly in the market.
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Why Reign?

Teams Led By Leaders Who Care

We're driven by a profound commitment to nurturing the growth of our team members, fostering their professional development, and empowering them to excel. Simultaneously, our dedicated leaders are fueled by an unwavering dedication to solving intricate challenges faced by our valued customers. We recognize that by efficiently addressing our clients' needs and generating effective solutions, we directly contribute to their success, ultimately translating into tangible financial gains.

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Focused On Collaboration

Rooted in a culture of trust and openness, we place importance on fostering effective communication and complete transparency throughout all our interactions. Our foremost objective is to deliver an exceptional customer experience, seamlessly spanning from the initial point of contact to the completion of the sale. We've cultivated an enhanced agility, with our combined years of experience paving the way for a meticulously honed project management approach.

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Taking Brands Into The Future

Even in a world where technology continues to become a more prevalent element of our lives, we know for a fact that people will always feel more comfortable interacting with other people. This is why our direct-to-consumer approach resonates profoundly with our customers. By recognizing that people prefer engaging directly with people, we've crafted a unique marketing approach that centers on authentic connections. This unconventional strategy not only drives success but also positions your brand for enduring growth in a rapidly evolving landscape.

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Our Team

We're a growing team of creative and hard-working individuals, each with their own unique set of abilities.

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Le'Olani Capati

CEO and Founder

My name is Le' Olani Capati and I am a dedicated professional with a passion for leadership and operational excellence. San Diego has always been home, and my educational journey took me through Montgomery High School before I pursued Kinesiology at Cal State Fullerton. My diverse professional background has shaped my journey. I've gained valuable insights while working at Target, contributed to my family's restaurant business, and honed my lifesaving skills as a dedicated lifeguard for five years. As the CEO and founder of Reign Acquisitions I am proud to have established an empowering training program and a growth-oriented environment that is perfect for helping professionals from all different backgrounds accomplish their unique goals. 

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Matthew Lau

Corporate Trainer

Hello, I'm Matthew Lau, and I am a driven professional with a passion for people development and business growth. Originally from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, I pursued education at Alhambra High School and California State Los Angeles, focusing on business and administration. My journey in the working world has been diverse and enriching. I've worn various hats, from serving customers and learning the intricacies of hospitality at a Korean BBQ restaurant, to honing leadership skills as a crew trainer in the restaurant industry. Currently, I proudly serve as a Corporate Trainer at Reign Acquisitions. In this role, my primary responsibilities include conducting interviews to identify potential candidates and training newly onboarded team members for success in the field

Reyna Saldana

Corporate Trainer

Hi Everyone! I'm Reyna Saldana, and I hail from Hesperia, California. My educational journey led me to Sultana High School, where I pursued my diploma. In my leisure time, I have a passion for binge-watching movies and experimenting with culinary creations. Before joining the dynamic team at Reign Acquisitions, my professional background encompassed food service and seasonal retail roles. As I step into a leadership position, my primary focus is on becoming a catalyst for positive change and an inspiring example for my peers. I'm also enthusiastic about pursuing further growth and development within our esteemed organization.


Our Mission

To unite and empower our team members to collectively achieve greatness through continuous development and collaboration.

Our Values

Embrace Growth

Forge ahead with unwavering curiosity and ambition. Achieving excellence demands courage and a proactive spirit.

Make An Impact

Focus on outcomes that drive significant progress. Embrace challenges and elevate your standards through dedicated effort.

Keep An Open Mind

Be willing to learn from the opinions of others. Enter into conversations with thoughtfulness and humility, nurturing productive dialogue.

Enjoy the Process

Celebrate your achievements, and find enjoyment in both your personal and professional endeavors.

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